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Myron Hay Tomb offers over 40 years of legal experience to his practice in Indiana, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Myron Hay Tomb, Sr. and Gertrude M. Tomb, both Indiana County residents.  Mr. Tomb has two children, Devin Elizabeth Tomb and Jordan Hay Tomb.


A 1965 graduate of Indiana High School and a 1969 graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Tomb is a true Indiana Native. His ancestors first settled Armagh (then still a portion of Westmoreland County) in 1792 from Ireland. Mr. Tomb attended University of Pittsburgh School of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate in 1972.  Mr. Tomb also served in the United States military, attending Basic Officers Infantry School, Ft. Benning, GA (1972) and maintained inactive reserve through 1979, and retired with the rank of Captain U.S. Army, Infantry.

Mr. Tomb was admitted to Pennsylvania Supreme Court on January 8, 1973 and admitted to United States Supreme Court on June 9, 1980. He has also been a member of several legal professional associations including Indiana County Bar Association, President 1993, Pennsylvania Bar Association, American Association of Trial Lawyers and the NSBA Counsel of School Attorneys.

Mr. Tomb first started practicing law with his uncle D.R. Tomb and his cousin, David R. Tomb, Jr., in 1972 until he established his own practice in 1983. In 1993, Mr. Tomb founded Tomb, Mack & Kauffman with Joseph Mack and Thomas Kauffman until the law firm was dissolved in 2008. Mr. Tomb is also President and CEO of H.A. Goal, Inc. (natural gas production) beginning in 1995 to the present and served as an S&T Bank Advisory Board Member from 1994 to 2000.

Mr. Tomb has instituted many start-up development projects in Indiana County including the following:

·      Purchase of Clymer Borough Water System and construction of Clymer sewage system and treatment plant (1977).  Total project $1,809,000.00.

·      Total planning and development of “The Village of Robindale” including condemnation as flood reclamation project of the Redevelopment Authority of Indiana County (1976-1979) together with general flood reclamation and rehabilitation.  Total project 10 million dollars.

·      Three year effort (without guarantee of compensation) leading to the creation of Wheatfield Water Authority, including acquisition of the Robinson Water Company, financed through 3.2 million dollar FmHA grant and loan (1984-1988).

·      Two year effort (without guarantee of compensation) leading to the creation of Highridge Water Authority for the purposes of acquiring the Central Pennsylvania Water Supply Company.  Do to the extremely complicated tax implications of acquiring the assets of a privately owned company by a public authority, this transaction was the first of its kind in Pennsylvania and was consummated on May 1, 1991 with a $6.9 million dollar municipal bond issue.  The Authority acquired the Wheatfield Water Authority as of December 31, 1991, and the Derry Township Water Authority as of December 31, 1993.


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